Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 6.44.59 PMFifteen years ago I began my career in advertising. Only I didn’t know it. I was fresh out of design school with a minor in video production and I was excited to get out there and design stuff. Following an internship at an ad agency, I was hired. I honestly thought I would be doing design work for the agency, despite my title of Junior Art Director. I was clueless. It was adorable. Not really. During orientation I was shown the agency reel. I was inspired and excited by what the agency had created on that reel so I asked a copywriter standing next to me, “Who gets to work on that stuff?” His answer, “You, dumb ass.” And that’s how I realized I was an art director. I didn’t hesitate though, I jumped into the role of art director. Coming up with ideas, art directing shoots, I loved every minute of it. Plus my minor in video production gave me just enough knowledge to be dangerous. It was a blast. And it’s been a blast ever since.

I have experience at small agencies and large. I understand how the entire process works. And I understand the needs of clients with small budgets and larger ones. Some of my past clients include:  Wal-Mart, Hershey, Cargill, eBay, PayPal, Farmland Foods, University of Kansas and various healthcare clients like OSF Healthcare, Children’s Health, and the Children’s Hospital of Illinois.

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